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Proteomics is the rapid, reproducible separation and characterisation of proteins extracted from complex biological mixtures. Modern technologies in proteomics can deal with very large numbers of proteins and yield valuable information about selected sets of proteins present in a fluid/tissue/cell at any one point in time.
The ARC Centre of Excellence in Structural & Functional Microbial Genomics uses the Monash University Biomedical Proteomics Facility to elucidate the proteomes of microbial pathogens under study.
An award to the Centre in 2006 of a Science & Technology Infrastructure (STI) grant from the Victorian State Government Department of Innovation, Industry & Regional Development allowed the Centre to purchase new mass spectrometry equipment which now forms the Centre’s Automated, Multiplexed, High Resolution Protein Analysis Facility (AMHRPAF).
This purchase has given the facility electron transfer dissociation (ETD) capabilities. ETD is a new method of peptide and protein sequencing which allows mapping of the precise sites where proteins are phosphorylated.
Data generated from high-throughput proteomic analysis is integrated with, and complements, bioinformatics analysis thus providing a ‘total systems biology approach’ to Centre projects involved with protein characterisation. The Centre is focused is on elucidating the complete outer surface of the proteomes of the microbial pathogens under study.
This proteomic information is used for understanding the interactions of pathogens with host cells and tissues, at the molecular level, and the Centre’s vaccine development process.
For further information about the Centre’s proteomics capability please contact Centre Chief Investigator and Monash University Biomedical Proteomics Facility Director Professor Ian Smith or Centre Research Fellow Dr David Steer.
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