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The High-throughput Microbial Pipeline

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The High-throughput Microbial Pipeline allows the Centre to rapidly:
Identify microbial genes of interest from bioinformatic analysis;
Determine biological function of genes via genetic analysis;
Over express and purify proteins as products of these microbial genes;
Study biochemical behaviour of these protein gene products;
Develop structural models of protein gene products and;
Determine how protein gene products interact with their ligands and co-factors.
The High-throughput Microbial Pipeline
The entire infrastructure assembly is located at Monash University, Clayton, and is is open to academic investigators from any institution as well as industrial clients. The High-throughput Microbial Pipeline can be leveraged as an entire system. Alternatively its components can independently add value to specific projects as stand alone capability.
For further information about the High-throughput Microbial Pipeline please contact Centre Associate and Pipeline Project Manager Dr John Boyce.
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