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The operational principle of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Structural & Functional Microbial Genomics is to use existing and emerging sequence information in a targeted approach aimed at developing new vaccines and antimicrobials and at understanding the host-pathogen interaction.
  Antimicrobial targets

Bacterial Pathogenesis


Host pathogen interactions

Innate Immunity


Structural & functional biology

Vaccine development

At the cornerstone of this approach is the Centre’s High-throughput Microbial Pipeline - an assembly of specialised infrastructure - which is able to:
Express in high-throughput, hundreds of gene products or proteins from various bacterial pathogens to generate pure protein products and;
Structurally analyse these proteins.
This generic facility brings together bioinformatics expertise, microarray technology, an X-ray crystallography facility and proteomic infrastructure to allow the Centre to undertake a unique approach to the study of microbial pathogens, and to make more rapid and more significant contributions to the fundamental advancement of knowledge within the field of microbial genomics.
The Centre’s research projects have significant Intellectual Property and commercialisation potential.
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