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Media Releases

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3 Feb 2009 
PDF, 23KB 
   Monash research breakthrough to treat malaria
30 Oct 2008 
PDF, 32KB 
   Drug targets project sheds light on hamburger disease
2 Jul 2008 
PDF, 57KB 
   Footrot vaccine closer than ever
6 Jun 2008 
PDF, 86KB 
   Monash researcher receives prestigious Commonwealth Health Minister's award
11 Feb 2007 
PDF, 26KB 
   Re-writing 'the book' on a devastating poultry disease
24 Aug 2007 
PDF, 22KB 
   Toxic shock: immune system’s anthrax link
21 Jun 2007 
PDF, 27KB 
   Immune system's fat problem solved
7 May 2007 
PDF, 25KB 
   Monash academic awarded national science medal
29 Apr 2007 
PDF, 23KB 
   Genomic technology provides footrot breakthrough
17 Oct 2006 
PDF, 42KB 
   Protein research leads to Life Scientist of the Year award
10 Oct 2006 
PDF, 38KB 
   Scientists discover toxin that causes gastro disease
14 Sep 2006 
PDF, 41KB 
   Genes reveal deadly bacterium is losing its strength
31 Jul 2006 
PDF, 39KB 
   The science of genomics explained
11 May 2006 
PDF, 341KB 
   Federation Fellowships for Monash in IT and Medicine
8 Mar 2006 
PDF, 48KB 
   New Centre sheds light on fighting disease
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