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Mission & Objectives

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Our Mission
To conduct integrated research that will elucidate key aspects of microbial pathogens and the hosts they infect. The research will encompass genomic analyses, development of modern veterinary vaccines, identification of antimicrobial targets and development of antimicrobial agents.
Our Objectives
1. To develop vaccines against microbial pathogens.
2. To identify and validate genes essential for microbial survival.
3. To facilitate the development of novel antimicrobial agents.
4. To elucidate host-pathogen interactions.
5. To train a new generation of multi-skilled researchers.
By taking this integrated approach, it will now be possible to identify a gene of interest from bioinformatic analysis, use genetic analysis to determine its biological function, purify and characterise the gene product by proteomics and study its biochemical behaviour, develop a structural model and finally determine how it interacts with its ligands and co-factors. All of these studies will be carried out within a cohesive and focussed research team, providing a depth of analysis and discovery not possible outside the Centre’s collaborative research environment.
Outcomes from the Centre will include:
The advancement of fundamental knowledge of the functional biology of micro-organisms.
A detailed understanding of relevant aspects of host-pathogen interactions.
The development of new technologies for the control and treatment of microbial diseases of economic and social importance to Australia.
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